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    Price difference USA Netherlands


    I am in the fourth week of my sus/deca /dianabol cycle and gaiend 5 kilo's so far = 11 pounds.

    I am under the impression that the prices in the USA are much higher than here in the Netherlands. Here is what i paid for my gear:

    Sus 7.50 euro per ampule = 7.50 us dollars
    Deca 10.00 euro per ampule = 10 us dollars
    Dianabol 33.00 euro for 100 5mg tabs = 33 us dollars

    What do you guys pay in your country?

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    Everyone pays different prices. Who cares. You pay what you must to get the juice. It's not like there are a ton of choices to get your gear from to where you can shop around for the lowest price like progressive auto insurance. Well, there are a ton, but all are on the DL.

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    yea i would rather pay a little more for a reliable source than pay less for one that you may not get your gear. be thankfull that you live in a country that juice is legal in.

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