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    Another Damn DNP Q??

    ok this is pretty short n sweet would i be restrained from cardio or anything while taking 200mg a day?? suppose i do manual labor and work alot would this be ok just to take a low dose??


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    from what ive read they even recomend not working, nothing strenuous basically, your body temp will be raised considerably (any higher and you can risk brain damage) and your body will be sweating, and crying for energy, all in all you are supposed to feel like shit, people around you are going to notice...good luck and be careful (no point in really taking a low dose, if your going to do it do it correctly)[of course you want to start with a reasonable dose though]

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    Buckyo7, there's nothing wrong with taking 200 mg/day of the crystalline form. You will probably loose about 3-5 lbs during an 8 day cycle. If you want to loose more, I think you should raise the dose to 400 mg after the 2nd or 3rd day. You wouldn't want to start at 400, or take 400 at once, but you can definitely titrite the doses safely. If your going to be at work, then I wouldn't do over 200mg. You should restrict yourself from intensive cardio, but if you want to take a morning walk you might benefit from it. I doubt you will be able to do normal cardio, and I don't think its a good idea to try. But light excercise will probably help, especially with low doses. Just stay out of the heat, and drink tons of water and eat properly.

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