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Thread: Clenbuterol

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    The first time i tried this it was amazing shivers and shakes yes but i lost shed loads of weight (fat)

    But since then i have tried it 2 more times and zilch nothing at all, i was wondering the last two times my tabs were 0.02mg was i taking a higher dosage before can you get clen -b in higher dosages or is there anything else that kicks arse like clen-b

    your knowledge is always apprieciated


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    alevok Guest
    ECA feels about the same for me, your body gets used to it to fast so do not run clen moe than 2 weeks.
    best ECA clen cycle
    2 weeks eca and 2 weeks clen

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    Find some ketotifen or a clen product with ketotifen already in it such as the chinese superclen or ppl's liquiclen (IMO a better product). Check the educational forum as to why ketotifen is good with clen too much info already posted by cycleon for me to try to sum it all up here.

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