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    Question First Cycle! D-bol & EQ?? Need advise!(Novice)

    Hi. I need your help with some things! I'm 20 years old i'm 6'0(182 cm), 166 pounds (75 kg). I bench 220-225. I've made good gains i strenght the past 1.5 year, but the mass won't come! I can get up to 77kg (170 pounds) If I eat so much that I almost feel sick all the time and when I go down and eat 5 meals(good meals, I'm full but I don't feel like vomit) a day I go down to 166 again, the weight I put on never stays. I have about 11-12% bf! I'd like to add lots of mass but don't won't to get too fat. suggestions for a cycle? I'd really like to get up to at least 180 pounds. I'd like to add mass that looks good. that I can see that I've got bigger, not just strenght gains. I'm no stranger to the gym and have been lifting for 4 years. Help! cycle??

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    a little young, but not like you want to hear that, so here we go...personally i think dbol is bad for first cycles because its a daily thing that should be split up into equal doses and it can be tetious, 2ndly its 17aa and im not sure if you wanna deal wit that yet either...personally i think youd get better on sust/eq or any other long acting test with eq (enanth, decanoate, cyp, etc...) the eq is a must though, itll give you some decent size (similar to deca but not the same) and itll keep your appetite up so you dont have to force feed yourself and you can get by with injecting just once a week but the more frequent the injections the better chances you have at keeping a consistent blood plasma level...good luck bro

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