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    Dnp Important Stuff..

    I should read the rules before I consider posting anything else.
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    Re: Dnp Important Stuff..

    Originally posted by DNPNOOBIE
    So far with the fall of so many DNP sources, im running short on my DNP and need to purchase some more!.

    Anyone knows of any reliable sources for DNP in USA or Canada.

    Would appreciate it.

    It'll be my 7th total Cycle. I believe after 7 cycles that DNP is OVERRATED. People say u can eat whatever you want and lose weight with no exercise. im sorry but thats not the case. Many people actually gained weight on DNP for overeating . others didnt lose almost any because of low dosage and calories.

    DNP may be strongest but as usual best results sometimes only results will show up when its combined with a DIET and some form of Light exercise.
    If I'm not mistaken, asking for sources is a no-no...

    Newbie 4 sure.

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    DNP = Diet N Precor (Cardio Machine bro)

    I have two crystal dnp cycles under my belt and have lost weight each time.

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