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    Question Tricep Spot Injections...

    Tried spot injecting my Tris last night for the first time... Delts need a break from injecting and just did legs the day before so they were sore as shit... No way I'm sticking quads the day after leg day...

    Injected 2 cc's in my left tricep, wanted to see how big a shot I could use and that was the limit.... Did 1 cc in my right Tricep and must have hit a vein cus now I have a nice size bruise where I injected, no big deal though...

    Left Tri is sore as shit, I think 2 cc's may have been a little to much for my first spot injection...

    Just curious what size shot most of you use for spot injections like Triceps or Biceps?
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    i do between 1 and 1.5 cc in tris ans bis with no problem

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    I did my first Bi and Tri injects this week, all 3 shots (doing anotehr bi tommorow) were abotu 2.25CCs went fine. For soem reason my muscles seem to take a lot of oil well.

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