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    Tren/Fina & Deca at the same time, anyone done it?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone has ever taken Tren /Fina and Deca at the same time in the same cycle. I do understand the precaution of possible progesterone driven side effects. I will be taking Bromo at 2.5-5mg a day, to combat that, i have bad joints that's why i want to use Deca, and the tren is a part of my Suspenssion & tren mix so i can not take it out of the cycle. I am looking for anyone that has taken the 2 together and their story about the sides. Thank a lot.


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    Bump, I was trying to work both of them into my next cycle also, but the deca takes so long to clear that I would have to run them together.

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    Just finished 10 weeks of Deca / Sust, and been on tren for about 4 weeks with 3-4 to go. Sides have not been too bad aside from some bad acne once I started the Tren. I'm doing 100mg ed of tren and did 500mg of sust EW, and 600mg of Deca EW. Nothing worse than the sides in previous cycles bro. I have had night sweets pretty bad a few times (Since I started the fina- nothing a t-shirt couldnt fix) and got fina cough once pretty bad. Fina has made me more aggressive, but also improved my workouts. This was the first time I have run Nov the entire cycle too, I think That helped a lot. No probs with Gyno that I can see, and so far I have gained around 18-20lbs of muscle, lost about 8% BF, and seen strengh go threw the roof!. Lovin the fina.
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    My first cycle was tren and deca ( you can tell how educated i was about AAS just from the combo) because both were cheap and easy to come by. I never had any problems other than the fact I HAD NOOOOO SEX DRIVE, NONE! LOL but i survived and everything is alrighty now. I gained about 27 kept 22. Diet and workouts werent even on the dot but managed to do well. It actually is a great stack bro, just take the necessary precautions and all should be well.

    P.S. deca was ran at 400mg/week 10 weeks and fina 75mg/day 6 weeks
    i did do clomid i think....

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    I have done them both together several times and have never had any problems. Works well for lean mass but I don't experience any signs of progesterone sides like some others.

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    me too

    The search button is great. XXL asked the exact question i wanted to know about. As every one reads, this thread is positive responses. But unlike XXL, do you have to include the bromo through out the cycle or could you just have it on hand. I might be going with 400mg deca 400 enan 10 weeks, 75 tren ed 50 winny ed toward the end for 6 weeks. winny helping with tren (prog) gyno. Deca is low, thats why i wonder about bromo on hand instead of throughout cycle.

    Any way the thread gets a new bump, hoping for more feedback

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    I am running Test, Deca and Fina right now. I am in the 9th week of Deca/Test and week 4 of Fina and no problems yet. I am running Accutane for a previous cycle breakout so acne is not an issue and my sex drive is through the roof. The is kicking in and I can't wait for the results. Good Luck.

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    your sex drve is throught the roof now ,but its at the end and after that ittakes a beating ,when tehre no hormones in ur body ,but u are runnin test in there,my good feind did it miks put ran test with it .like rickson no problems sides slight loss of sexdrive nothin a little V couldnt fix but was ok ,thats pretty much it.setsthe sun yea the deca is low but u also have the fina there in the end so u might have complications there,i guess u could have the bromo on hand i beleive but i would run it better safe then sorry.the winny is said to help combat prog ,but theres no actuall facts of this .if anything run through the middle to end .

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