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Thread: Syringes

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    i just got my eq and was wondering what kind of syringes i should use? My options are really limited. i stole some insuline needles from my friends dad and was wondering if they would work? their 28 guage with about an 1inch needle and it hold 1 cc. will these work? also how do cc's equall to mg? any help is greatly appreciated

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    Man, No flame here, but what the hell are you doing??? If you don't even know what syringe to use, or what type of cycle you should run with EQ what are you doing purchasing gear? You should always PLAN at least a month in advance and do much research on your cycle. as for your question

    Use a 23G 1 1/2 inch needle in inject in the glute

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    and wtf are u doing stealing ur friends dads insulin needles?????? come on man, theres better ways of getting pinz then that......

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    Just a hunch and if Im wrong I'm sorry but it sounds to me as if you are a minor still. (Stealing pins from a friends dad is a little clue ) If thats the case and you have read anything here you know that there are many dangers to using at a young age. On top of that your apparent lack of knowledge will even further the danger.

    THIS IS NOT A GAME. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING OR DON'T DO IT. Do you know how fucked up you could get if you venture into this with only a little knowledge. Spend some time and learn all you can.

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