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Thread: Winny?

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    Exclamation Winny?

    I have around 300 winny tabs at 5mgs each. should I do a cycle of just these or should I wait untill I get some injectables and stack them?? If I do take them by them selves, how many mgs. should i take a week and for how long for them to be affective??? Also, would I need any clomid or Hcg afterwards??? I basically want to cut up and build quility muscle rather than bulk up. I've read that you loose around 50% of the steroid through digestion, not to mention the possible side effects involved with taking orals, should I even take an oral form of winny???

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    Winny by itself is kind of a waste. I would hold on to them and stack them with another AS, like test, or EQ (for a cutting cycle). Most guys take about 50mg a day of winny for 4-6 weeks. I had to take about 70 mg a day of the tabs to see results. I usually run winny just about every cycle I do, especially test cycles, helps keep the bloat down.

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    I agree with Sic30, hold on to them for now. If it were me, I'd stack it with Test.


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