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Thread: Acne control?

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    Acne control?

    hey bros out there is AR land! i got a question, i heard that washing your face frequently will cause your pours to produce more oil, i was wondering if you body is the same way. i mean, i m somewhat prone to getting acne quite easily so my question is should i shower like three times a day or 2 times? will this cause me more harm than good?
    cycle is:
    Week 1-12 sus 500mg
    weel 1-12 EQ 400mg
    of course nolva on hand and clomid post cycle

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    I've heard that too. Everytime you wash your face you remove the oils and your face has to work to replace that oil. This may not sound too macho...but you might want to look into a male line of products to put some moisture back in your skin. I know that if I don't put mositure back face gets twice as oily.


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