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    new concerns- please give opinion

    I just read the thread about the 16 year old wanting to know what juice to use. That got me thinking about myself. I am 19, and have allready started a cycle of deca and sust, I didn't even think that I might be too young to start a cycle. I plan on only doing two or three cycles, but am I too young or no.
    I am currently doing 400mg of deca and 500 mg of sust per weeks. In another thread I was told that I would probably get more weight out of my cycle if I cut it down to 300 mg of deca for 10 weeks instead of 400 for eight weeks. I have also noticed several people recomending a cycle smaller than the one I am doing to other people. I am considering scrounging up the extra $ and getting another 1500 mg of deca to extend my cycle. Would this be overkill or no?

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    i would say use the lower dose for 10 weeks since it is your first cycle.

    i would also say just use 250mg sust and 200mg deca every 4 days.

    and yes in my opinion you are too young. but its too late for that.


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    Everybody is going to tell you your too young, but its too late now. Finish that cycle and save your money for the next.

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