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    Steroids are bad ummkay?

    Winny shin splints?

    I've read several times before that winny may cause joint pains but I don't remember any details on what joints or how bad or how long they lasted! It it two weeks since my last winny injection (about to start clomid) and I just got the worst shin splints from my leg workout tonight! I've never had these before at all, not from running or lifting. Anyone else get this? how long did it last? What to ease the pain besides advil? My elbows have also gotten a little tight but nothing like my knees and shins!

    thanks guys

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    I get it real bad while on fina especially when I'm running. It's the pump the muscles in your shins are experiencing that makes them hurt....Hurts like a bitch though doesn't it

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    yah, ill get it on any cycle while doing cardio (walking, jogging)...vicodin always helps.

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