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    Question Alternatives to Insulin

    I want to run a cycle of HGH but have seening a lot of negative remarks and dangers of using insulin . I talked with a friend and he though there was a pill that was made to take instead of shooting insulin. Has anyone used this and if so how did it work and how does it compare to the real thing?


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    Do a search on glucophage. I've never used it, but I think thats what you are asking about.

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    Glucophage is touted by some as an oral replacement for insulin . From my research it is definitely not. It is very different and gives different effects. Lots of bros report getting sick on it (the shits, constipation, nasea, lethargy) but some love it. I wouldn't do it personally. I don't think glucophage is any safer than slin really.

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    A friend of my used Glucophage to treat their diabetes before it got bad enough to recquire insulin . In other words, it's the first defense that doctors prescribe in an effort to manage diabetes. If it fails to work, slin is the next option. While I think it is supposed to do similar things to slin, I do not know that it is as effective for producing the effects desired by bodybuilders. This is all anecdotal information of course.

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    I haven't seen anyone too happy with Glucophage. Lots of reports of side effects.

    Try some r-ALA, it increases transport of nutrients like insulin but only on muscle cells. Insulin will cause fat cells to uptake as well.

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    Ive been researching both,

    Glucophage works alot like r-ala (in results...not the way it acts in the body). It upgrades insulin receptors if you've been doing a heavy bulking diet or heavy slin use.

    Slin, i still have a ways to go before i can comment on.


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    check out this thread on metformin (glucophage) at

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