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Thread: Hgh

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    I am interested in taking HGH. I have taken many cycles of test,winny,dbol ,eq, and more. I have heard nothing but good stuff from HGH, but I have heard so much about it I would like to know the truth and from people that have taken it before. I think it comes in 125 IU package. Is that enough or do I need more? I heard you need to take it like 4 days on and 3 off? I heard you need to do stuff with it like test, fina, or winny? I heard some side effects like makes you grow taller and you will gain like 30 pounds and keep it all. Im 6' 200 lbs. and 22 years old I dont think I'll grow anymore will this make me taller? A bigger forehead? I would appreciate as much info on this topic as possible before I do HGH.

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    What's up bro....GUESS WHO

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    126 i.u per kit if your talking about'll probobally want to run it for 16 weeks....some people do it 5 days on and 2 off...i take 5 i.u per day...ive done it 2 cycles and no abnormalities on my body..except for a huge people say you shouldn't use it at 22. how many cycles have you done? at what age did you start? the gains you keep depend upon how hard you train when your a search in the educational threads....Madmax...

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    HGH stacks well with test and insulin . When you take HGH the body requires more test and insulin to grow with the increased HGH, HGH alone by itself prolly wont do to much, but with test and slin it does wonders.

    At age 22 theres very little chance ur growth plates are still open, especially if you've done several steroid cycles, so for growing taller with it I dont think it would make u any taller.

    Ive heard that its best to take HGH for at least 3 months straight. They say use 4-6 iu's everyday... but ive heard stories of people using 12-18 iu's a day... sounds crazy since the body releases .5 - 1.5 iu's of natural GH over a span of 24 hours.

    HGH is the only drug that can make NEW muscle cells in the body, all steroids just enlarge the current cells, but HGH can make NEW cells. Also from what ive read gains made with HGH are considerably more permenant than with say test alone or other steroids.

    Hope this helps bro, do a search in the steroids questions for "HGH" you'll find lots more info.

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