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    End of first cycle, want to go clean. How long before I can pass a drug test?

    I recently finished my first cycle. 12 weeks of Sustanon 250 and 6 weeks of Deca . I have been competing in powerlifting meets and want to be able to compete in the drug free associations. How long will it take before I can pass a drug test? Also is there anything I can take to speed up the process of getting rid of the shit out of my system. Thanks in advance. TJ

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    WEll, the DECA can stay in your system for a year after your last shot...the SUS stays around for about 6 weeks. All this is depending on the person. Give or take a few days.

    Your best bet is to find out when the testing is and have some PEE set aside...I know that is funny to read but you need to take the proper steps to reassure that you pass the test.

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