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    how long till i feel it??

    how long until i feel the gear in me, 300mg sust,300mg deca / 20 mg d'bol a day, virgin user currently on day 3?? how long did each of you have before you felt it in you??

    sorry bout the typo
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    wait i want to make sure i read that right. that has got to be a typpo. 20mg deca a day. 20 times 7 = 140. you must have meant dbol . well if that is the case than the dbol will be the first thing you will feel. that you should feel the first week or two at the most. in my op sust and deca not until the third week. don't worry bro when it comes you will know. happy growing. oh ps if you are doing 20mg of deca a day, please stop doing that and do it once a week. but i know it is a typpo.

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    I'd agree you'll feel the dbol pretty soon, the sust and deca ussually three weeks is waht I have seen bro... enjoy!

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    You should feel tight at the end of the first week. That's from the d-bol. After week 2 you should really start noticeing strenght increase's and noticable weight gain.
    Test and deca won't start working till around week 4.

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