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Thread: Dnp?

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    I was wondering how dangerous DNP really is.Is it safe in 200mg doses a day for 14 days?Any response would be much appreciated.

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    You should research some more prior to using it because it is nothing to play with. But if you are going to use it take your bw in lbs and divide by 2.2. This will give you your weight in kg. Multiply this number by 6 and this is a safe amout of DNP to use. Only use it for 7-10 days. And if the number is not an exact amt round down and not up. Use T3 during the time that you areoff at about 75mcg per day. DNP lwers the production of T3.

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    swole is giving you the info there, but i agree read some more so you can comprehend yourself before you do some irreversable damage...and imo id start off slow and get up to a moderate/effective dosage, if your going to do the stuff do it right and quick, the sides are definately undesirable and i would want to be on the stuff as short as possible, (phenyl groups are known for causing cancer), good luck bro

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    Read every article and study from here:

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