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    ** Question

    Iam getting some test Cyp. and I was looking at the steriod profiles on the main page and this is what it said:

    Almost everything written in this book about Testosterone enanthate can be applied to cypionate . In our opinion most athletes will not notice a difference between the two compounds. Testosterone cypionate is one of the drugs which is most frequently faked. The products by Lemmon, Goldline, and in-ternational Pharmaceutical available on the black market are fakes and almost certainly contain no cypionate. The price situation is the same as with Testosterone enanthate . For 1 ml of 200 mg or 250 mg, $ 10 - 15 are being asked and also paid.

    It says that **'s stuff is fake?? is this old info or would this still be the thinking today?

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    They need to update their profiles. ** cyp isnt faked, however, seen several tests where its like 180mgs of cyp and 50 mgs of prop or test undeconate, or what not. Ttokkyo(well..used to) and QV make cyp and its not fake.]


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    ** is a different company than International Pharmac. and i can tell you ** cyp is not fake, i am on his cyp, eq, dbol , winny and has been great

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    ** cyp works and is good stuff it is a bit painful when injecting like the sust but it is good

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