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    Diet while on T3

    I am currently on just a T3 cycle now. After testing I am taking Clen and Susp/Prop mix along with T3. I know that just T3 cycle will shed some muscle, but I heard if you keep a high protein diet you won't lose much. Any truth to this? How should my diet go? Thanks for the info. Also how long does it take for winny tabs and masteron tabs to get out of your system for a NCAA test.

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    The winny and masteron I can't help you with.

    As far as diet goes on T3. I'm just now finishing up a T3 only cycle. I actually didn't shed too much muscle and I've been doing half of the T3 cycle on a keto diet. I'm right around 190Lbs and made sure to go for no less than 300g(1200cals.) and my fat intake was at 160(1440cals). Out of those fats around 120g was from Flax oil(about 8-1/2 servings). I did a carb up day every 6th day with around 150g.

    I can't seem to make myself do cardio in the morning so I opted for post workout which seemed to work fine(best if you can do both) and my doses of T3 were pretty mild(75mcg)

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