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    Legal shipments from other Country's-True or not?

    One of my bro's been getting shipments of gear through the mail and it seems legit......Whats your opinion on getting gear through the mail...?
    Im just not sure about putting cash in an envalope and sending it away.
    but it seem to work for a few buddies.....

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    almost every one i know gets theres through the mail. prices here are just to high. you gotta take a chance...if it works out for you then you'll save a bundle. ive lost an order before but the other orders always came. the benifits out way the con' least thats my opinion.. pm a mod with your source so you don't get fucked...i just got lucky when i sent my fundage away i found 3 reliable people...good luck..Madmax...

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    always risks involved, overseas especially, not only do you have to worry about being burnt but it has to travel through customs, its coming over international (soil or water in most cases) and it tends to be more severe, nonetheless domestic is as dangerous in many cases people are using usps goverment services to send scheduled substances (obviously a big nono), and then as always if its not a trusted source you are still risking losing your is always a local source but not everyone is fortunate enough for this...good luck and be careful!

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