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Thread: Cycle Help???

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    Question Cycle Help???

    Hey i was wondering if anyone had heard of a steriod called cyrostem or syrostem, am not sure if that is the correct spelling but i was just woundering if any one knew what it was and if it was any good??? I would really like to hear from anyone that know about it because i heard it was good....

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    serostim, made by serono labs. used by aids patients. the legit boxes have holograms on them...each box contains.126 i.u growth hormone . there are 7 vials of growth and 7 vials of water. instead of the water they give you i'd use bacterio static is very good but shouldn't be used until your growth plates are closed. you can get x-rayed to see if there old are you.. any more questions shoot me a pm...Madmax..

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    thats growh bro ,not for begginers .

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