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    Question Quality Vet Scam???

    I e-mailed someone at Quality Vet in Mexico to see if they ship to the US. Well they dont ship to the US but a strange thing happened. Someone from thier office e-mailed me back saying they are a private distributer from Quality Vet and said he can help me out. He said that I send him half of the money first, then he sends me the products, then I send the rest of the money once I recieved the products. Has anyone done something like this before? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    the best thing to do is pm a mod

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    dont do it have had that scam played on me .e mail me if have questions about qv products rickusa2000 thanks

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    sounds risky to me, i wouldn't fuck around...

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    do you really think they would put their profit in your hands...they would just keep the one half that you sent them..Madmax...

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    Hey I had the same thing happen to me. Some guy emailed me saying that QV doesn't sell to public from that location. He send me a price list and said that he ships from inside US. The list looked great, cheap, cheap fucking prices. I couldn't belive it. I did some research on it and decided to tell him to go fuck himself. As far as I think that shit is a scam. Stick around on this board and learn, sooner or later you'll find something better.

    PM if you want it might be the same guy.
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    You don't need to know
    I logged onto the same site !! If it's to good to be true , it usually is!!
    Don't bother with it other than to e mail that idiot and tell him to go f@*&$ himself

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    i had a the same thing happen to me but on a different site and the prices were to good to be true but i took a chance and it paid off. i got my order with no problem.

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