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Thread: few questions

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    few questions

    Hey guys, I just had a few things I wanted to get cleared up before I paid the big bucks. 1. If I'm injecting 250mg of Sus and 200mg of EQ together, twice a week, what would be my best options for injectoins sites? Two a week to much for the glutes? Also, would size needles should I use, especially if I have to go somewhere else than glutes. Do I stick with the 22 or 23 gauge, 1.5inch? 2. What kinda of workout program do most of you guys do while on the juice? I've done mag 10 and the twice adays. Does that apply to using AAS as well? Cause I also read that it's better to lift one day on and one day off, training each body part once a week. And 3. Should I stick with the massive eating protocol during my cycle. I weight 175, 5'9", at 9%bf. I'm thinking about 5000 calories with a 40p,40c,20f breakdown. Thanks guys for your help. Rainbow, as always, your opinion is greatly appreciated!

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    Injection sites are everywhere. Delts, glutes, calves, quads, triceps, lats, traps.

    I use a 1" on all injections. I use to use 1.5 but I started jabbin nerves and shit all the time. 18G to draw your gear and 23G for injecting.

    Workouts depend on what works for you. Look around in the owrkout section and browse for a while to see if you can come up with something that fits your needs. I will say no matter what workout plan you develope, about half way through your cycle, hit drop sets on all your excercises for a good shock to the muscles. It helped me a lot on my last cycle to start upping weight again.

    Diet depends on your metabolism and how easy it is to gain. I shot for a grduall increase to about 4500 calories. My maintenance cals are pretty low. I'm 5'10 192. I did a 50/40/10 on my cal split but it just depends on your own metabolism

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