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    Ventipulmin Syrup Clen

    hey bro's i was wondering, how do u measure this stuff? and how much of it do i take?? i got it in front of me righ tnow its the 355 ml pump,
    1ml = 0.025 mg

    let me know bro's thankssss

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    Do a search Bro. I remember a thread a long ass time ago on that stuff

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    i have the stuff, and yes theres been plenty of posts about this, basically the best method (i extracted this from MM when they were actually a good read), take a 10cc syringe and measure out 4ccs of clen , ,and then shoot it into your mouth, ,that will give you 100mcg if i remember correctly im pretty sure the stuff is .025mg/mL and that'll give you 25mcg/mL x 4 = 100mcg...good luck

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    I just use to put one or 2 pumps righ in my mouth and let it disolve. Or put it on a spoon. gave me wicked shakes though, I mean like 13 hours later still shakeing. Stopped taking it.

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    yeah i had a good experience with the pump....i lost about 8lbs in 21 days while doing some cardio and no diet change....but the second time i tried it i didnt lose squat!

    i took a 10cc syringe and for the first 2 days i did 1cc and increased a cc every 2 days until i got up to about 5cc....i wouldnt go any higher than that.

    good luck bro!


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