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    Question Mix your own winny

    A buddy of mine bought some V and it came in a power/flake form, wher eyou add the watwer to it. He did, and it didn't mix at all, even after shaking it. When he drew some out, it was all water. Is this normal?? does it take some time to mix? did he do something wrong??

    The company that made the V is in halifax NS, canada

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    First of all, I hope he used bacteriostatic water. Second, there is a process involved in suspending winny. I would try emailing some kit makers and see if they can help you with it. If nothing else, try heating the water a little bit; that should help. Whatever you do though, do not use this product if your friend didn't use bacteriostatic water.

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    He could have used that orally, but it sounds like he ruined it.

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