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Thread: cycle help

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    cycle help

    ive previously taken 3 cycles,1st sust and deca stack,2nd cyp and eq, and 3rd sust, deca and winny.i want to take one more cycle and want it to be my last,my family has a bad history of heart problems so health is starting to be a concern. i am 25 and 6ft and weigh about 185.i want to put on more mass and lose a little body fat(currently at 11%). i am a personal trainer so looking good is a must.this is what i had in mind please help me get it right im asking as many people as i can and doing as much research as possible.

    sust 500mg wk 1-10
    deca 400mg wk 1-10
    dbol 25-35mg wk 1-4
    winny 50mg wk 6-12
    clen ??mcg wk7-9 ?(how many mcg day)?
    clen off 2 wks
    clen ??mcg wk10-12
    clomid post

    some arimidex or nolvadex in there somewhere

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    I'd run Eq over the Deca and as far as the clen goes you should start off small like 2 pills a day and work your way up.
    Might wanna use Enth over the Sus also.
    D-bol @ 35mgs e/d 1-4

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