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    lowest dose of test

    what would be the lowest dose of test you could take and still get results?

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    dose of test depends on your stats and your current test level
    if you haven't done any cycle before and ur test levels are normal, then you need ATLEAST 300mg
    anything lower than that would be useless, as your body already produces that amount, if you DO use less test, it will shut your natural test and you will not see any gains.

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    I beg to differ with you ther Big_BoneZ... number 1 it depends on what kind of test you are using in the first place... First cycle I did 250 MGs of Aratest and gained a good 20 lbs.

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    Since last May, I've put on 15 lbs while on 200 mg test cyp per week. Of course, my levels were pretty low beforehand; I'm on hormone replacement therapy.

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