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    Clen to T3 which to take?

    After finishing a cycle of Test ent, Test prop , fina, EQ and winny what would you recemmond to take Clen to T3? I want to get lean and ripped muscle and keep it. I will be dieting and doing cardio.

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    if you are finishing a cycle... i would take clen ... t3 is very catabolic when taken alone without an androgen of some sort.

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    agree with saint
    its best to take both but only if doing something to maintain muscle
    i am doing 600mg test per week and 400mg eq and i'm on my 4th week of t3. i am doing gear so i dont lose muscle from t3. i went from 248 to 236 so far but still may have lost some muscle even on gear.
    the t3 hasent worked like i though it would--slightly over rated. yes i've dropped 12lbs but also doing cardio now and eating clean --so it works but not a wonder drug in my opinion

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