As some of you know Ive been on a cutting cycle for about 5 weeks now. I must say the results have been pretty nice.

As you know, my cycle includes plenty of heavy androgens, clen , eca and T3.

Now Ive been on T3 at a dose of 125mcg per day for the last 2 weeks. We all know how bad T3 is for your muscles. Well let me share some of my results with you:

I started out @ 220 I am currently @ 219. However, I am noticably leaner, my pants fit much looser, everything indicates that Ive been loosing some serious fat. In the gym, I havent been loosing strength and have actually gained a good amount of strength in a lot of movements. My arms have grown about 1/2", now granted a part of that can be attributed to me doing a few spot injects to my tris and bi's, but its still pretty neat.

Now I havent been loosing the ton of fat I had hoped for. The goal was to keep my current mass, and just drop fat, the goal was never to build mass and drop fat, as we all know trying to do both at the same time leads to half assed results. But I think I like whats happening here.

Diet wise, I have tried to eat pretty clean, but I do fudge sometimes. I know for a fact my total caloric intake has gone down DRAMATICALLY, I am definitely eating less than normal.

On the cardio side, well there is no cardio side. Ive been extremely busy, and have not had the time to hit the versaglide like I wanted too. Obviously if I did do my cardio 4x a week, id see a big increase in fat loss, but also a noticeable drop in overall body weight.

Still, it amazes me that I could be on such a high dose of T3, be eating such a relatively small amount of cals, and still put on muscle mass. Reflecting back at past attempts at cutting, I always noticed a huge drop in weight, and an eventual crash of strength. granted, I had not been on AAS those times, but I was also NOT on T3. And I think in the past, my protien intake was much much higher. So whats been the differance maker here?

Maybe im preachng to the choir, but the only differance I can tell is that I started taking liquid aminos immidiately after my workouts. Now I have always taken aminos, in pill form. They are conviniant, and cheap. But I think theres something to be said for the liquid version.

I take 1 serving of Optimums Amino 2200 formula after every workout. THis contains 22g of pure aminos plus 10g of fructose.

In fact Im sure this has been the differance maker, because I normally drink a 50g Protien/50g Malto shake post workout. I dont do this anymore, because I didnt want all those extra carbs, yet, I seem to be gaining mass (given that I am on T3 and a sub maintanence diet) as well as I would on my typical post workout shake.

I know AMinos are old school, but if you havent checked out liquid aminos in a while, it might be worth it to you to give it a second look.