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Thread: Hairloss??

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    Question Hairloss??

    How can I tell if I'm prone to hairloss?? That will effect my decison on which AS to use. Some people say your hairloss genetics come from your mothers side of the family, I was wondering if this holds true to any of you fella's...


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    Shave it all off now then you will not have to worry in the future.(BOLD IS BEAUTIFUL)

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    There is no way to accurately predict whether or not AS will cause you to bald. Depending on your body chemistry, the AS that you use and the doses of AS that you take, steroids can--in simple terms--turn on and/or off chemical switches. In other words, you may not be prone to depression, balding, etc., but by putting AS in your body you run the risk of experiencing these side effects.

    For you, I hope it works out for the best.

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