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    Sorry but another fina question about 4g kit

    Someone told me that I will probably have to remove 10cc's of oil from the 4g kit before you mix. If not i will overflow the bottle. Just remember to run the oil you took out through the whatman filter before it goes in the sterile vial

    So does this mean take out 10cc's and put them to the side into another syringe. Then still take out the two more to purge the filter at the end? The after its all in the sterile add the 10cc's of oil to the sterile container then purge it with the two??

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    Hey bro, no the 10cc is enough and use that to purge all the tren out of the whatman filter.


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    The .45 filters hold 2 ML's of oil.

    Most kits come with a 5 CC syringe. You draw off some of the oil prior to the conversion to purge the filter once you are done filtering.

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