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    Dec 2002

    Tornell supertest$$$$$$$$$???????

    What is an average gym price for tornell supertest 250?? A buddy of mine jsut paind $150 for a 10cc bottle, did he get ripped?????

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    oh my are u serious ?????yes !!!average price i see it for is 40$to $ 20 ,

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    Hey bro, there is no "average price" Now weather he got ripped off or not is up to him. If he got what he wanted and that was his only source then NO, he didn't get ripped. Now if he didn't get what he wanted or if he had other options then YES he got ripped. But the key question is was it the only source he had. Around here some pay 100 dollors for test 200. The gym prices are high sure but your not taking the custom risk and if you get bunk gear atleast you know who to confront. Just my 2 cents. (for what it's worth)

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    I thought that was a good price. thats gym price though right?

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    Super Test 250 is junk. Stay away from it.

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