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    did research but still not sure

    hello, i am in dire straits in what do stack with my eq. i have a choice of either primo, or winny, i am looking to gain lean mass and get cutt up as well with a strict diet and cardio of course. what will be my best choice in the long run for results, and if i choose to do primo, can i just take 200mg a week for 5 weeks with the eq say like week 8-13? or what are ur suggestions on how to cycle the primo with the winny, i ONLY WANT TO DO A TWO STERIOD STACK, NOT ADD A 3RD OR A 4TH, thanks for help

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    bro eqto get good solid resaults u ust run it a min of 8 weeks preferably 12 weeks !!!u would choose winny over primo ,though ,why not add some test in there ???test shoukld eb a bse in any cycle regardelss of cutting or bulk .

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