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Thread: meditopin

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    I was just curious about this. My freinds mother works for a endroconoligist and she said Gh shots cost 2300 a piece. My friend has taken symbiotorpin by nuetriceutics. The doctor she worked for says it wotks to stimulate gh. they make a stronger version called meditopin. Iwas wondering if you took 3 to 5 X the normal dose would it be possible to get almost like prescription Gh results. Or should I just save enough to get real hgh. My dosage would be 2 or 3 ius 3 to 5 days aweek with testand eq 300 to 400 each week. No insulin too scary Thoughts on this ?

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    Looks like any other supplement to me. I wouldn't expect to see results anywhere near that of HGH.

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