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    Post Check my 2nd cycle

    After long thinking and numerous questions answered by member (thanks alot) Ive decided to do the following.

    Week 1-10 Cyp @ 500
    Week 3-10 Deca @ 300
    Dbol Front load for 4 weeks

    I have 20 cc of cypinate
    12 of deca
    and enough d's for 4 weeks

    Nov & clomid on hand in case of anything.

    Any suggestions would be great.

    I also will take creatine 1 week load next week off for the entire cycle.
    And I plan to bridge d's after cycle and clomid ends.

    I also will be getting 350-400grams of protein a day calories not sure but around 4k.

    I want to gain like 20lbs and then do another cycle in April for lean muscle and a bit of cuts not to much.

    Also anther question I have 2 cc of enanthate left over from my first cycle should I just throw it away or ?
    Also have a couple amps of sus any suggestions

    Thanks Again

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    1. How much Dbol are you running per day for the 4 weeks?
    2. Start the deca in week 1, it takes a while to kick in and 7 weeks is not long enough to get the real effect of it.
    3. Do not throw in other tests like enanthate /sust just because you have some left over, there isn't really going to be a benefit from it.

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    nj_ Thanks

    I plan to run 20 first week 30-35 next week and then down to 20 for the last week

    I'll just save the rest for another cycle

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