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Thread: deca and EQ

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    deca and EQ

    I know this isn't that great of a stack but it's ALL i have to work with. 1 10ml 400g deca and 1 10ml 300g Eq. With these being your only two sources, what do you guys think would be the absolute best i could do with these two??? i am 5'10 180 and about 9% body fat, im 19 years old by the way. thanx a lot

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    At 19 years old you don't need to do anabolics. You have everything that you need in you. Your body is at an important state right now. Juice would be a waste of money, especially if you do what you just have there because it's not enough.


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    I'd hold out for more gear, deca /eq isn't a cycle I would suggest for a first cycle. Also at age 19 you don't really need to start juicing yet.

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    That isnt much gear to work with but YES Deca and EQ will work fine. I know 1st hand. People say its pointless but I didnt put 22lbs on (kept 18) eating burger king. Remember, much of what you learn here is recycled opinions or facts. Find out if it works for you.

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