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    Entering a contest?

    One of my buddies is planning on entering a Natural BB contest in mid April of 2003. Right now he is around 240lbs and 8-9% BF. He wants to know if he can get away with running a 6 week fina, prop, winny cycle. I read in steroid detection times that fina is 4-5 months and prop is 2 weeks---I didn't see anything on winny.

    What are the chances of him coming up hot if does a 6 week cycle starting this Sunday?

    Thanx, Havesome77

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    see thats what sucks about doing natural shows....they have natural shows for the people who don't juice...and then these guys try to juice before the show...whats the glory in competing against natural people if you a show thats not called natural if thats the case...theres tons of non natural shows out there....i wouldn't want a trophy if i knew my competition was natural and i juiced..just my opinion...don't take offense to it....Madmax...

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    I totally agree Madmax. I was thinking the same thing as I read the post. We talk about this all the time at the gym. What's funny is I've seen more than a couple shows where the guy who was obviously juiced up didn't even take the show.

    There's nothing wrong w/ juicing IMO, but come on, keep it on a level playing field.


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    well, i really needed to hear those responses madmax and baldguy. i am entering a show in may or april and posted a thread about whether or not i should enter a natural show or not (i juice) glad that you guys feel that it is unfair, didn't know if thats how everyone felt. makes the decision an easy one.

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