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    spot injection question..

    im usually taking 1ml eod.. but today i took 50 mg into my right pec... its chest work out day soo is it okay if i inject another 50mg into my left pec??? im talking about winstrol here this is my last 50mg then im done my winnie cycle.

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    Oct 2002
    yeah bro your fine.. but if your doing every day injects you should just do the other 50 tommorow... but i can see why you would want it to be evened out
    should be alright

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    you might even consider splitting the 50mg into 2 shots in the same day, 25 in each pec. i did this with enth, that way its completely even. although it is 2 shots. think about it. -=)

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    This answer comes from a doctor but you can take from it what you want:
    " ...I would never, ever inject any amount of a drug into any area of the body, other then the ass...."

    Of coarse this does not include medical conditions that need to be treated and the like but I think you don't fall into this category. Stick (no pun intended), to jabbing yourself in the ass with long lasting oil based stuff. That way you don't have to inject as often and you save yourself from getting tons of scar tissue all over your body (unless your a freak and have a thing for that). In the end however, you have the choice to do whatever you want. Peace.

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