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    Gear and Supplementation


    Any advice on the best supplentation to be on with gear?

    I am sitting with Glutamine and Cell-Tech, along with Protein, obviously. Anything else worth while?

    My stack: Test, Eq, and Winny at the end.

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    Well, This is what I use on or off
    1. ALA(alpha lipoic acid)
    2. Milk thistle(especially with the winny)
    3. Pantothetic Acid
    4. Vitamin E
    5. Selnium
    6. Folic acid
    7. Calcium
    8. Magnesium
    9. Zinc
    10. Glucosamine/Chondritis
    11. MSM powder(or caps)

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    yeah, take the cell tech and throw it in the garbage! The guy who created it worked as a photographer for MuscleMag magazine. Get the connection?! Don't give those bums your hard earned dollars. I'll tell you how they scammed me in a future post!

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