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    alevok Guest

    The most dumbass offer ever

    Ok Guys I went to Amsterdam last week with my girlfriend to enjoy life little bit, and while there I searched for a source. I entered in a sports equipment store where they sold supplements also. I asked the guy if I could get some Deca and halotestin , he said no problem and went to the back of the store and came back with a plastic bag. In the bag there was several syringes and a greek deca vial. He called it "Iranian deca kit" It was a norma deca and a fake one, probably that guy thought that I was a dumbass tourist that had no knowledge about AS, but he did not know I was a AR member and could tell the difference between an Iranian deca and greek deca, between a legit one and a fake one.
    Anyway I asked him its price and he replied 50euro for a kit, for a couple of needles and a vial. The most stupid offer I have ever heard. 50euro for a f.cking fake deca. You gotta be so f.cking high to accept that incident proposal I guess.
    Now I am back home and enjoying $5 real deal primo...
    take care guys

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    Thank God for AR! Or you would have been taken lol
    What does 50 eruro translate into American Dollars?

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    Originally posted by MBaraso
    Thank God for AR! Or you would have been taken lol
    What does 50 eruro translate into American Dollars?
    If I'm not mistaken, it's pretty similar in price. I'd say around $50

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    what a cock, you shoulda blew his shit out...hahah.

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    BC Canada
    Hmmm... Betcha that kinda thing happens alot over there.

    So did you laugh in his face and make a fuss?
    And how was amsterdam? I've always wanted to check out that place. Doncha think amsterdam would be a bad place to smuggle stuff back from? Any customs official is gonna double-check anything or anyone coming back from amsterdam.

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    alevok Guest
    I told him that I was gonna come back and buy 50 deca for that price, probably he is still waiting.
    Well it looked easy to me to smuggle stuff cause Dutch custom officers did not look to care.
    Besides Amsterdam is "The Place" man, gotta go every year. Long Live Bulldog coffeshop!

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    Yes big rush $50 sounds right.

    Alevok thats was mean of you

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    not where I want to be
    LOL, glad you didnt get scammed!!!

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    Bandit County
    He lived?

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    All the places i have been in europe i have yet to go to amsterdam...tell me is it really worth the trip?

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    alevok Guest
    Jarod, buddy I am telling you, you gotta live Amsterdam experience to feel it, words are not sufficient to describe how much fun you get there.

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    The Rink!!
    I would have called him on Bull Shit!!!

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    Thank god for AR......Long live AR

    good post Alevok

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    alevoc,yes the bullgog cafe rocks !!!!hehe,did u hit up sensations or trance energy while there ??sick clubs ,50 euros is equivalent to 50 us,hats insane ,iranina deca ??thts funny !bro in grece the normas a box of 5 go for 11 euros !so fuck him !

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