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    injection pain...

    i just injected 50mg of winnie into my left side pec... as i was injecting pushing the winnie inside the chest... i felt some terrible pain in my pec... is that normal?? i did aspirate ... no blood droplets no nothing.. its a bit sore now.. but thee was pain while injecting damn!!

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    to be expected, especially with winny, some say it doesn't create pain, but i disagree, i get real bad pain (not during, but after)...but what stuff are you using? if its the microcrystalized stuff, the specific orientation of the crystals are jagged and cause some discomfort...more than likely your just fine...personally ill drink the winny before i inject it, too much pain for too little results, the stuff is 17aa so its not going to work at that site anyways, has to be activated by the liver first...good luck

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    joe, just drink the winny. It alwas did hurt me to site inject it!

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    what kind are u shooting bro ??and dj bro beeing 17 alk has nothing to do wit spot injects bro !!winn does work for spot injects!

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