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    What are the KEYS to a good Injection

    lets here everybodies from cleaning the site to heating the oil, and what ever else ???

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    1. Gather supplies
    2. Wipe down injection site
    3. Unsheath and draw substance
    4. Unscrew draw pin, replace with injection pin
    5. Wipe injection area again, wipe needle(seperate alcohol pads)
    5. Smooth and quick insert, aspirate , consistant pressure on plunge
    6. Retract needle, put alcohol pad in place.
    7. Rub site for 2min.
    8. Apply bandaid
    9. Gather used pins, re-sheath
    10. Gather all used supplies(including pins) and discard in empty PROTEIN jug.
    11. End of cycle, rescrew jug tight, tape with duct, discard in proper receptacle bend.
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    After a shower is the best time, wipe the area with an alchol pad as well as the rubber top of the vial. Inject air into the vial, turn upside down and draw desired amount of oil. If the oil is thick you may want to put the syringe back in the wrapper and run it under hot water for 10 seconds or so. Insert needle into muscle, aspirate , inject and grow!

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