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    Was wondering about EQ...If I took 400mg W/for 10 weeks, What effects will I get? Will I get vainy? Stronger? Right now I can bench 265x1... Can I get up to 295lbs on a EQ only cycle? I took test cycles before and seemed to loose some/most of my gains, will i loose some of my eq gains, or will i keep a more percentage then test. How much weight is gained, I got a great workout plan, and great diet.. What effect will it have on my sex life while on and off? How bad will it shut down my natural test? Is clomid needed? Can I use Nolva instead of Clomid.. Clomid is hard to find round here..

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    To keep most of your gains it is best to combine a couple different types of AAS. An EQ only cycle probably will effect your sex life. It did mine. I would add some test in there at 400-500mg a week and that should take care of that. Also maybe add some winny in at the end and that will really help you keep your gains Good luck

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    Yes you definitely need Clomid bro...

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