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Thread: Dianabol

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    I am getting ready to start my first cycle of Dianabol and i was woundering since dianabol is a "mass gainer" how much of my mass will be muscle. I was told that i should also take Proviron during my cycle to help with water retention. And in order to keep off fat i was going to pick up my cardio in my workouts. Can i get too much cardio on dianabol.

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    If your taking d-bol alone your probably lose most of your gains if not all.
    Stack it w/ some Test or your wasting your time and $....
    You'll also need clomid post cycle.
    Do some reasearch before you start poping pills.......

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    I will argue that you WILL NOT LOOSE all your gains from dianabol . You will need clomid or an alike chemical however.

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    Add some test, maybe just 250mg/week.

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    Originally posted by samoth
    I will argue that you WILL NOT LOOSE all your gains from dianabol. You will need clomid or an alike chemical however.
    Well I know everyones body isnt the same but when i first did a so called cycle that I really dont consider a cycle but I took I think 30 mg ed of thais for 6 weeks and gained maybe 20 lbs and took the clomids post cycle and I lost all of it, I promise you and my diet was very good but I would never recommend a dbol only cycle to anyone cause everyone I know that did the same thing lost most of gains too. BTW have you ever taken dbol by itself and if so what mg and how long?

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    doing a d-bo only cycle is not a good idea as far as the general view of the least thats my understanding of everyones point of view. personnally i do not believe you will keep the gains you desire...Madmax.

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    i took a dbol only cycle once and gained 10lbs and took no clomid post-cycle, rookie mistake, but i didn't loose anything afterward..however i would not recommend dbol only. add some test at 500mg/wk..and do somemore research before you start anything just so you know what the hell you are doing.

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    I got this from another d-bol only cycle thread running here today. Polska came up with it. You might want to read the whole thread. Here is the link:

    Oral Only Cycle (DBol ) - An Experiment and some Results
    Okay, there have been quite a few posts recently about oral only cycles. One in particular attracted my attention and that was about using Dbol in AM only. It was due to that, and another post by CYCLEON (About T3 of all things) which prompted me into this little experiment. I figure that some may like to hear my results, and this may be a good post for a newbie to read as well. (Feel free to disagree with me, I'm only posting what has happened!)

    Let me just get a baseline for the What’s and Why’s right now.

    First, (For the newbies) we are ALL different – My findings worked for ME but may not work the same for you! Bear that in mind. This post is for information ONLY! I am not advocating this as a cycle, I'm just reporting my findings.

    Second, I did NOT gauge my results by how many lbs I gained/lost. Since Dbol often makes us hold water we may say that we put on 15lbs and lost 10lbs of it and that sounds pretty bad, however if we had ignored the water and said we did a mild cycle and put on 5lbs that’s not so bad – To avoid this I used the mirror as a gauge for gains.

    Third, as many of you may know if you have ever read some of my posts I am an advocate for light dosing – If you can gain from 200mg why use 400mg, since the only thing to actually go up exponentially with the dose are side effects!

    Since we all know that Dbol is liver toxic I decided to go with a fairly light dose of the Russian Dbol. I used Russians because they always give me reasonably gains (Not as good as Naposim but better than Thais) but make me hold less water than Naposim. (Again this is a personal preference!)

    I started with 35mg ed and ran this dose for 2 weeks, however, rather than split this up throughout the day as we normally would I took it like this:

    Up at 7:00 am
    Take 2 tabs (10mg) at 7:30 am
    Take 2 tabs (10mg) at 10:30 am (About 20-30 mins before gym)
    Take 2 tabs (10mg) at 12:00 pm (Just after gym)

    The extra tab (For those of you who did the math) was thrown in anywhere in there as I felt like it, although I TRIED to get it to rotate from one to the other. As you can see that is pretty much an AM only dosing of Dbol.

    After 2 weeks of this I had made some noticeable gains (In the mirror) and my strength in the gym had gone up a little bit too. Interestingly I could see that there was very little water being held (And I DO mean VERY little!). Far, far less than I would normally hold, and I am a bitch for holding water on Dbol.

    My next move was to drop my dose to 20mg each day, skipping the 7:30 tabs completely. I did this for a week.
    At the start of the next week (This week in fact) I dropped the dose to 10mg each day, taking my tabs just before I go to the gym.

    When I first started the dose I noticed some slight testicular shrinkage (Within 7-8 days). This is now reversing itself as the dose drops (This is the reaction I expected from reading CYCLEON’s T3 post)

    I also seem to have retained the gains I made, although they were not massive by any means, they are still there. I have had 2 other people watching me carefully too, and they agree that the gains have remained. Come this Sunday I will finish the Dbol completely.

    If I had to guess I would say that I have maybe gained about 8-10lbs, perhaps a little more. My chest and arms especially seem fuller and harder (NOT something I usually associate with Dbol!), and again I have to say that I have held very little water at all, and as far as I can tell I am not holding any at all now.

    I am sure that many of you will scoff at gaining a mere 8-10lbs, but before you do think about the fact that I gained them in 4 weeks only, I used one pretty cheap steroid and at very light dosage too! I retained all my gains, and held very little water. One of the common side effects of Dbol is to make me puff and pant more, as my blood pressure rises and I hold more water. This did not happen at all. Aside from the (very) slight testicular shrinkage I have suffered no sides at all, and even that has almost reversed itself completely now.

    I doubt that the gains I made could be increased very much more by increasing the dose (I think you would end up holding water again, which was something I tried to avoid), however, if you DID increase the dose I would suggest a longer time to reduce it too, and of course that means a longer time using a liver toxic drug! One of my objectives was to see if I COULD make gains on a low dose in just 4 weeks. The answer is yes!

    My conclusion then is that an oral only cycle CAN produce gains, but they will be small if you want to stay with a fairly safe dose. Of course you will make dramatically more gains if you incorporate an injectable as well. For myself I am rather pleased at the result. I have gained about 10lbs that seems to be in no hurry to go anywhere!



    If you just did another 10 reps it wasnt heavy enough

    The ONLY things to go up exponentially with dose are Side effects!

    You want to ask me a question? Great! But tell me your Stats and goals as well as your Question!!

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