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    need advice with everything.

    well on dec 26-28th I am leaving my small town in Nova Scotia for Ontario. I have a job there and I am starting yet another trade
    I will be working 7 days a week 10-12 hour days, which is fine with me. money is good and well worth it, I will be in and out of hotel rooms all over Ontario so I will get to meet allot of people.. all in all im very thank full I have this opportunity.

    but with this I have to change everything... since I will be in a hotel room I will not have access to a stove, which only effects me for cooking chicken and making chicken sand whiches for my breaks at work, dinner shouldn’t be a problem since we leave for dinner. but I have decided to try and mass up a bit I am sitting around 8 bfp now and not trying I don’t eat clean I am lucky that way. but I need some tricks to help me put on some weight ... I will go as high as 10 or 11 % but id rather to put on quality mass.
    when working these days I did an every other day routine which worked but I just felt like I wasn't giving 100 % so I want to go back on split that is harder.. I like the 2 days on 1 day off 3 days on 1 day off, using the major minor idea worked well, super slow sets works too but bore the shit out of me . and I have been doing negative reps past failure and that helps allot. I think its part of the “hit” program I cant remember but all I know when u lift alone it is a easy way to completely destroy the muscle group your doing. but it will only work for some exercises , for example on straight bar curls I will do my reps till failure, than I will swing it up and try to not let it fall but it will very slowly do that 2 or 3 times but , earful not to hurt your back , so I would recommend u start out light and get use to it. but could be over kill now since I will have 0 days I rest. so I need some pointers and any otc sups that will help with recovery I will take I read <a href="" target="_blank">glutamine</a> was good I wim going to try that and try anything else to speed up the process

    I have been off 2 months from battling a series of deep issues but I am ready to get back in to it. im only down 4 pounds, and I want to start cycling by mid march .. I have been pondering the thought of 6 weeks on 6 weeks off including clomid for a full year or till I hit my goal,. my first cycle will be 6 weeks of prop at 100mg ed winny 50 mg ed and tern 75 mg ed, might switch up to eod shots and keep fina at 75 mg eod not shore yet. but I want to hit it hard for the 6 weeks on.. HAVE ANY OF U TRYED THIS OR THOUGHT ABOUT IT ?

    like I said my diet needs serious thinking. but imp hoping to eat around 5000 cals 300-400 grams of <a href="" target="_blank">protein</a>, hoping to get atleast half of that from food. I will be gunning for mostly complex carbs , but not totality, as i want to bulk so it isn't really important . I hope I can get fats from peanut butter (I love that shit lol) oats and maybe just snacking on nuts though out the work day, supper is no problem as I can go any where to eat so it will most likely be a huge ass meal of rice and chicken, trying to keep this meal rather clean, dinner is the same idea we can go get dinner so I will try to get in as many carbs as I can with a huge ass pasta meal with either pork chops or steak.. doesn't matter but red meat
    I also read that I might be able to get n’large and use water instead of milk that might work for breakfast water will help it absorb .but shit.. I hate starting a day with out a full belly. ii might be bale to get up 30 min early and get a cooked break fist but not shur if I will be able to do that every day so id like to have a fall back plan. but not a excuse to be lazy and not get up....

    I think that's it. I need allot of advice. that is why i just stuck this post in the aas forum. because i have no idea where it would fit and thsi
    forum has alot of hits. and to anyone who is forced to make a major change in life.. how hard as it at first. and can u give me some advice. as im going in to this blind. I have no family and I don't know any one in Ontario. so its going be a good experience...I hope

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