i am in serious need of some help with my workout/stenght. I will ask a question about my cycle(AS) in there as well so i hope you guy's dont move this .

I have been working out for a long time and at the end of MAy this year me and my bro both of us were doing bench with 300 lbs 4 sets of 10 . We always change things around every 6-8 weeks .Well in Aug we both started a cutting phase no AS at that time yet .

My bro lost 45 lbs t'ill now following a healthy 220 g protein and 200 carb diet low fat .I was following the same and have lost 20 lbs .

During these last 5 months our strenght has gone down something crazy .Our bench is down to sets of 8 with 225 lbs(embarassing).we do incline db press first with 95 lbs a hand .we both have a hard time handling the 95lbs to get it to the start position .It feels like it weighs a ton .( i grab one db and he hands me the other )

We see it the most with our chest exercise .Eventhough the other body parts have suffered as well .Just not as much as chest .There have been certainly no improvements in any of them .

Have anyone ever experienced this .This shit is pissing me off and i am pushing so hard in the gym that i am going to rip something .I feel like my body has nothing left .I know some of you's will think overtraining right away but i dont know here's our set up right now

my bro is eating about 2500 cals a day 40% protein and carbs ,20% fat
I am eating about 3000 cals, off the cutting diet .same % as above

We train 4 times one week and 3 the other ( due to shift work)

Day 1
incline db press 4 sets
bench press 4 sets
incline flys 4

skull crushers 4 sets
tricep pressdown 3 sets

Day 2

T bar row 4 sets
seated rows 4 sets
chin ups or pull downs 4 sets

curls 4 sets
preacher curls 3 sets
hammer curl 1 set
shruggs 3 sets
wrist curls 3 sets

Day 3
military press 4 sets
side laterals 3 sets
bent over laterals 3 sets

leg press 4 sets
hack squats 3 sets
leg extension 3 sets
leg curl 4 sets
seated toe raise 5 sets

we go to failure on about 1/2 the sets

Mon (wk1) tues(wk2) wed (off) thu(off) Fri(wk3) Sat(wk1) Sun(wk2) Mon(off) Tues(off) Wed (wk3) Thur(wk1) ETC

Our diets are awesome ,only one (free ) day a week the rest is down to a tee ( chicken ,tuna ,salmon,mrp's ,lean beef once or twice a week , eggs ,milk, rice ,yogurt,very little pasta , oatmeal) those are every day ( staples).

We get good sleep especially my bro due to his wife expecting .

We have started a 300 mg/week cycle of test and deca .We have completed 4 weeks of the deca and 3 weeks of the test and we have seen no diference yet .Our strenght keeps going down as it has the lastfew months .
Will this change as the AS kick in more or what ?

I thought it was just a phase due to the cutting ( got down to about 7% bf) but now i am eating plenty and yet still no diference .What gives ?

I hope some of you bro's actually read this and can help me .I am so bumbed out .I dont care how much i lift provided i dont drop weight like that .Whats next 1 plate .gosh please tell me what we are doing wrong .

We look better eventhough we are not growing (size )

Please help us with this , thanks