My background,

age: 34
weight: 243Lbs
lifting experience: 4years (nice weight and strength gains)
lifestyle: pretty healthy diet, no alcohol, 8 hours sleep, etc. etc.
purpose of taking aas: strength gains

I've been doing some research for about 1 1/2 months. I'm planning on doing my first cycle about mid January.

I'm thinking of using Anavar as follows;

Week 1 = 3/day (7.5mg/day), 1 nolvadex /day
Week 2 = 5/day (12.5mg/day) 1 nolvadex/day
Week 3 = 8/day (20mg/day) 1 nolvadex/day
Week 4 = 10/day (25mg/day) 1 nolvadex/day
Week 5 = same
Week 6 = 8/day (20mg/day) 1 nolvadex/day
Week 7 = 5/day (12.5mg/day) 1 nolvadex/day
Week 8 = 3/da (7.5mg/day) 1 nolvadex/day

I would like to stack it with Ganabol 50 (got it at a good price). When should I start with the ganabol and how long should I continue with it? How much to take since this would be my first cycle? I already bought clomid, which I think I will need at the end.

I'm looking for strength gains and not really concerned with getting ripped or gaining weight.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance.