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    Hey, first post from a noob.

    My first cycle was a pyramid of just dbol , peaking on 25mg/day (wanted to take it easy on my first cycle), and I had no probs with acne.

    I did 30mg/day for 6 weeks next time round and after week 4 came out in acne, which i didnt get last time. It cleared up while i was off, but now after less than a week back on the same cycle again its back.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to keep it down, or is it just the dbol (hope not - ive got 1500 left to get through!). Ive tried dropping down to 20mg/day and did some sus aswell last night to top it off. Will this be a better cycle (20mg/day dbol + 500mg/week sus) than what i was doing (30mg/day dbol) for keeping my acne down?


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    Zits are part of the game bro. If you don't want em then don't use Dbol ,test, deca , just to name a few. Stack it w/ something like Test. Sus is ok if you use it right but I would go w/ a Test Enth. And don't pyrimid either.
    Try something like this:
    Weeks 1-4 D-bol 35mgs e/d
    Weeks 1-8 (or 10) Test enth 500mgs a week
    Clomid 3 weeks after your last shot
    Nolvedex on hand
    Milkthissle while on the d-bol


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    a lot of people forget to include saw palmetto. While its not a necessity, it does help with enlargment of the prostate.

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    What helps me with acne is Nizoral 2% shampoo. I know it sounds stupid, but it works for me. I shampoo my hair every day when I'm on. After I do my hair I put some shampoo where I used to get acne from roids. I leave it on for about 5 minutes, then rinse it off. I haven't gotten acne since I started doing this. It might work for you, it does for me.

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    hope you dont get acne as bad as me because the only thing that works for me is accutane which is definatley last resort.

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    Acne has been bugging me as of late, so I went to the Doc to see what she could do.

    She prescribed some "tetracycline" at 500mg ED. It's only been a couple of days so I can't tell you if it's helping, but it may be worth a try. Just talk to your doc, show him/her some zits and request the stuff, they'll most likely give it to you. It's cheap also.

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