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    Pharm grade Cyp and Deca?

    Anyone have an opinion regaurding how much better Cyp and Deca from a US pharmacy is compared to vet Test and Deca? I ask b/c the Pharm Grade Deca (200mg/ml) is about $5/cc more than something like QV 300mg Deca. The Pharm Grade Cyp (200mg/ml) is about the same price as something like QV 250 Enanthate . Is it worth it to buy human grade at a higher cost and lower mg total?

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    i just posted an article about this bro, use the search function, do some research/critical thinking on your own, wouldn't hurt, but to make this fast, there is hardly any difference what so ever...especially with the quality of qv, no pun intended...good luck

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    for those prices I would go with the human grade.

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    Unless you are on a fairly limited budget, I would chip out for the Upjohn over any mexican product. Many guys love mex gear and the majority of the time it will likely be dosed reasonably accurately and won't hurt at all. But I guarantee you that any (USA or Canada)Upjohn product will be accurately dosed, absolutely sterile and will not hurt at all when you shoot it. You get what you pay for, IMO.

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