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    Omandren 250: inked description?.....

    a buddy of mine just purchased some prop and Omnadren 250 and asked if I Could tell him if it was fake or not. The Omnadren has break off tops with the white band in them. The prop is standered "score yourself" amp. Both have ink printed on them which could easily be rubbed off with your thumb. The Omnadren is printed in red with the words Omnadren 250 and Jelfa on the bottom of that. The prop is in blue ink with the word Testorene or testonet or some crap like that, right on the bottle instead of on sticky paper (same as the Omandren). I had an oppurtunity to talk to the dealer, he said that the amps get shipped with nothing printed on them in case they get intercepted. the paper work would describe the contents as some type of "legal" human purpose drug. The amps get stamped with ink after they clear inspection and get to the reciever. When I looked at the prop amps they were irregular in shape. His answer to that was, that if I went to any lab and picked out any two amps they would be irregular. Funny, cause the Omnadren looked good. Both varieties had an even amount of liquid content when alligned next to eachother. I still say, BULLLSHIT. what do you guys think? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Sounds fake but if you posted a pic i'm sure someone would be able to tell you for sure...

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    sounds fake to me. My omnadren has a white dot not a line. And I know mine are real

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